James Wah

My background is in engineering, with experience in electronics, software, embedded systems, scientific computing, neuromodulation, and reverse engineering. I also enjoy research, and recently completed my doctoral thesis on closed-loop neuromodulation for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain.

This page is a placeholder while I finish organising a new site that's slightly less Web 1.0 than previously.


  • Many of my projects are available on GitHub.
  • Check out a video on my longest-running retro project here, or follow progress on Patreon.
  • My doctoral thesis is available here.
  • During the day I solve problems at Saluda Medical.
  • My Drag'n'Derp Game Boy cartridges have a site at derpcart.com.
  • Some of my older exploits are documented at mafipulation.org.


Reverse email: net laird-wah at james